Huangshi Xingcheng Kiln Co., Ltd. is located in Huangshi City. It is a private enterprise specializing in the design, construction, and operation of mechanized vertical kilns, gas fired vertical kilns (natural gas, calcium carbide furnace exhaust, smelting furnace exhaust), and coal powder spray fired vertical kilns. It has independent and strong design capabilities and a professional team with excellent technology and long-term experience in lime kiln construction, At the same time, we also have a dedicated team in the field of kiln calcination to ensure that the lime kiln you are building produces good ash.


        Our independently designed gas fired vertical kiln is the first in China and has obtained a national patent; Our designed vertical lime kiln with coal powder injection firing is about to be put into operation, and this technology will bring a disruptive revolution to the lime industry.


        Our company has successfully broken through the traditional three belt (preheating, calcination, and cooling) lime kiln production process using our innovative ventilation technology without wind caps. We have successfully invented the four belt (preheating, calcination, insulation, and cooling) lime kiln production process. The quality of the lime produced by this process is one level higher than that of the lime produced by the three belt lime kiln, reducing dependence on kiln operators and saving about 8% of raw materials.


        Our company has invented a single tube rotary distributor, which currently leads the advanced level of domestic distribution equipment. The lime kiln we have built has low ash production and over burning, stable kiln production, and reliable work. We keep our promise and have won the trust of our customers. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and guide our company. At the same time, we express sincere gratitude to friends from all walks of life who have long cared about and helped our company develop!

        General Manager: Feng Jun Contact Number: 18872762908